historyEstablished by Tim McNulty Senior in 1969, the company has always remained a family business. Originally, it operated as subcontractors for large scale and often challenging construction projects. Ireland was at this stage entering a new ‘Golden Era’ of architectural design and construction, which brought with it, its own challenges. In order to facilitate these new building approaches, Tim McNulty Senior was the first to introduce new and innovative formwork solutions to Ireland.

Three projects of note, in which he utilised these techniques, are Dublin Airport Car Park, the Irish Life Centre on Abbey Street and the Irish Central Bank Building on Dame Street, Dublin 2. The latter is most interesting as it is unique in twentieth-century Dublin architecture for the manner in which floors are suspended from the roof, with the structural cables clearly visible on the outside.

The company has always been at the forefront of construction in Ireland, however, with the recent development boom the current Managing Director, Tim McNulty has found himself mirroring his father’s footsteps by again bringing new and innovative construction techniques to Ireland. He has expanded the business into plant, servicing and support companies. More importantly, the Group has established a successful Precast Manufacturing business with one of the most advanced production systems in Ireland and the UK. This has meant that CFS are now the only formwork company to incorporate the manufacture and supply of their own precast structural products to the construction of building projects.

The Group now consists of Six individual businesses and is today one of the leading concrete frame construction companies.


CFS Group Ireland office: +353 (0) 1 450 4283 | CFS Contracting UK office: +44 (1) 895 438 733