Following the philosophy: employ giants and you become a company of giants’, the CFS group has focused its efforts on the careful management of its most important assets, its people, and the innovation they can bring with them.

An inspirational leader, Tim McNulty is well renowned for his passion in the work that the CFS Group carry out and his focus on quality systems in every step of the process. He has built a team of talented professionals around him in order to achieve the expansion goals of the company and in order to maintain their number one ranking in construction contracting.

A significant investment in technology and innovation, have played a major part in the growth of the group and with this has been an investment in training and personal development. Every member of the CFS team from directors to craftsmen are constantly monitored and undergo continuous professional development.




CFS Group Ireland office: +353 (0) 1 450 4283 | CFS Contracting UK office: +44 (1) 895 438 733