CFS Group Why Precast?

CFS Group

CFS provides a wide range of concrete products for the construction sector. Although this is mainly in the area of Wide Slab Flooring and Façade Systems our expertise comes from taking existing designs and construction plans and re-evaluating them to develop different solutions with the aim to maximise efficiency, production methods and reduce costs.

CFS Precast Ltd provide precast concrete products for the following:
• Housing.
• Hotels.
• Security Facilities.
• Office Buildings.
• Warehouses.
• Airport Terminals.
• Tram Lines.
• Hospitals.
• Shopping Malls and more.

CFS Precast Work
• Wide Slab Flooring :- Includes special design flooring e.g. Luas Tram Viaduct.
• Façade Systems :- We have special façade systems from brick finish to selective colourced rendered and polished concrete. Units can be finished in a wide range of colours and textures.

Precast Systems
• Brick faced.
• Coloured rendered faced.
• Natural stoned faced.
• Precast lift pits.
• General precast walls.
• Precast columns, beams etc.

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