CFS Group Why Precast?

CFS Group

CFS Precast has one of the most advanced production systems of its kind in Europe. Our plant in Ireland is often visited by other companies from around the world who wish to view a model facility in terms of processes, technology and layout.

A precast façade unit can be customised to meet individual requirements through the application of different finishes. We employ a fully qualified team of engineers and technicians who provide a comprehensive design and development service.

Cost control is crucial in the manufacture of our products. Through early involvement and careful planning, we ensure all job costs are minimised while quality continues to be meticulously controlled.

Products are completed in line with client’s requirements through in-depth discussion and client involvement at tendering stage. This ensures that products are designed, manufactured and finished according to an agreed contractual programme.


CFS Group Ireland office: +353 (0) 1 450 4283 | CFS Contracting UK office: +44 (1) 895 438 733